Where do I start?

To create a usable web site, the first questions you should ask yourself are:

  • What do I want to accomplish?
  • Who is going to buy my products or services?
  • Where do these people look for information?
  • What can I say that communicates my mission?
  • What is remarkable about my work?

We can help you answer these questions and can show you how to work within your budget to achieve your goals

Some Light Reading

What kind of website do I need?

A website is a means to spread the word about who you are and what you can do.

There are all sorts of websites, but your best bet is to use the simplest solution that lets you get your message out and does not distract the visitor from your message.

Your biggest problem will probably be figuring out what your message should be and your second biggest problem will be how to package it in the most interesting way.

FloydHost can help you with both of those problems and help you decide if a free hosting service or a custom website is the right solution for you.

A good website is a collaborative work of art. You contribute a vision and we can provide a vehicle that conveys that vision to the greatest number of potential visiors.

You can follow the links on this page and consider the alternatives that are open to you or you can simply email me or call to discuss your particular requirements.

david.stlawrence@gmail.com        540-320-6852

Doing your own website

If you have access to the Internet, you have no reason to be without a website

The Internet is the last and best frontier of the do-it-yourselfer.

A little reading, a little help from your friends (or your children) and you can be visible on the Internet.

It will require you to learn a few new terms, but you can operate a keyboard with two fingers and you can do almost anything you need on the Internet!

Building a website is far easier than you might expect. The biggest problem you will encounter is developing a viable business plan.

Follow the links on this page and get useful tips on starting a small business and marketing yourself and your services online.